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Today, I learned how to make Kool-Aid pickles from Police Department Detective Charles Sledge of Clarksdale, Miss. Sledge runs a concession stand out of a converted camper he sets up during Blues Season. When he’s not investigating crimes, he sells Mississippi Delta food delicacies like rotel fries, chili-burgers, and Koolickles (the local name for Kool-Aid pickles). He invited me into his home to show me how it’s done. Here is his recipe with pictures included.

10 Step Koolickles (Kool-aid Pickles) Recipe

  • 1 Jar Mount Olive Kosher Dills (80 oz.)
  • 2 Fruit punch Kool-aid packets
  • 3 (or more) cups of sugar
  • Water

Step 1: Take an 80 0z. jar of Mount Olive Kosher Dill Pickles (they have to be Mount Olive.. the texture is just right) and pour off the pickle juice into a baking pan or bowl. You’ll want to keep the juice for later.

Step 2: Put the pickles into a another baking pan or bowl separate from the juice.

Step 3: Tear open the Kool-Aid packets and pour both of them into the now empty pickle jar. You’ll probably want some gloves- Detective Sledge says that he knows people who dye their hair with this stuff.

Step 4: Open your bag of sugar and portion out three cups. Detective Sledge uses Domino brand sugar, but any brand should work. Just make sure that no matter what brand you use that you use a lot. Sledge says you can’t go wrong with the sugar.

Step 5: Pour the sugar into the jar.

Step 6: Pour in just enough water to the sugar/Kool-Aid mix to make it “liquidy.” The sugar should be partly dissolved in the water.

Step 6.5: Stir your water/sugar/Kool-aid mixture to help the sugar dissolve.

Step 7: Slice your pickles lengthwise using a knife. Be careful not to cut your fingers in the process.

Step 8: Place the cut pickles into the jar.

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Step 9: Pour the pickle juice from your pan back into the jar until the jar is full.

Step 10: Close the lid and give the jar a shake. Let your pickles marinate for five days. After they take on that fleshy-red color you know that they’re ready to eat. Enjoy! (or not if you’re not a pickle eater like me)

Check back next week for the verdict on Detective Sledge’s pickles. The Delta Reporting class will be taste-testing these Koolickles this Thursday.

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